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We support regional development with the "Lokalfuchs” initiative.

Lokalfuchs - a regional initiative

"Lokalfuchs" is an initiative of the Nordkurier Mediengruppe in cooperation with the radio station "Ostseewelle HIT-RADIO Mecklenburg-Vorpommern". Together we pursue the goal of sustainably strengthening the regional economy in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the region of Uckermark. Attractive Lokalfuchs offers create an incentive for customers to visit and come back to local dealers. This initiative thus contributes to the revitalization of the city centres. The Lokalfuchs initiative combines the Lokalfuchs website, the Lokalfuchs app, the Lokalfuchs advertisement paper, the Lokalfuchs network, the Lokalfuchs campaigns and the free Lokalfuchs WiFi in the centre of Neubrandenburg. Lokalfuchs-App, den Lokalfuchs-Anzeigenkurier, das Lokalfuchs-Netzwerk, die Lokalfuchs-Aktionen und das kostenfreie Lokalfuchs-WLAN in der Neubrandenburger Innenstadt.