Reliable and experienced

IT services

Every media company needs reliable IT professionals. None of the Nordkurier Mediengruppe's products could be published and no service could be provided without the capable technical support of the IT department. For many years we have been providing our IT services not only internally but also for external customers.
Hardware and software maintenence and security

IT service with a system

IT services include support for client devices like PCs, tablets and mobile devices. Furthermore we provide IT services for server and network infrastructures. We use a modern monitoring system to ensure proactive operation of all relevant components. To maintain the quality of our services, we rely on a ticket system which systematically processes all requests.
The future is digital

From newspaper publisher to digital, modern media company

State-of-the-art technologies open the way to the digital future. In doing so, we constantly encounter new challenges, which we sometimes master together with our partners. The reference customer film from Telekom gives interesting insights into digitization topics such as Office365, teams and our cloud-based server operation.
Nordkurier Mediengruppe as employer

Specialisation and state-of-the-art technology

We use the latest technologies in the client and server area. The ongoing process of cloud transformation is a good example for that. Due to the diversity of tasks, each IT employee can develop individually and build up specific specialisations.