About us


The Nordkurier Mediengruppe organizes numerous well-known events. These include the Under-13 Football-Tournament "Fußball-Knabenturnier", our family-event "Fest der Farben", classical concerts of the "Nordkurier Sinfoniker", "Tag des Nordkurier" and many more. With our events we promote sports and culture in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg and enrich the calendar of events with first-class and well-attended events.


The Nordkurier Mediengruppe's football tournament "Fußball-Knabenturnier" is the largest U13 indoor-tournament in Europe. It takes place every year at the beginning of January in the Jahnsportforum in Neubrandenburg, where the up-and-coming stars of national and international football clubs meet in short 10-minute matches. Due to the Corona pandemic, however, the tournament planned for January 2022 had to be cancelled.

Next date: 7. January 2023

Fest der Farben

"Fest der Farben" (Festival of Colours) is the family-festival of the Nordkurier Mediengruppe. Every year we open the gates of our printing facility in Neubrandenburg. We transform the whole area into a colorful mile with lots of fun and entertainment. A special highlight every year is the guided tour through the printing plant where all visitors can take a look behind the scenes and watch the Nordkurier be created. Our "Fest der Farben" is an event for young and old and attracts many visitors every year.

Nächster Termin: 2023

Nordkurier Sinfoniker

Every autumn, the Nordkurier Sinfoniker perform enchanting melodies in the Concert Church in Neubrandenburg. With a varied programme, the orchestra, together with KiKA star Juri Tetzlaff, has delighted numerous young and old visitors time and again in recent years - all the little classical music fans in the afternoon, and the adults in the evening.

Nächster Termin:  20. Oktober 2022