Nordkurier Mediengruppe

The Executive Board

The Executive Board represents the structural key areas of the company. The executives Winfried Colberg, Gabriel Kords, Henning Maus, Jürgen Mladek, Bernd Rademann, Jörg Skorupski and Marica Verjaal are members of the Executive Board which is directed by the Chief Executive Officers Jérôme Lavrut and Holger Timm.

Jérôme Lavrut - Chief Executive Officer
Holger Timm - Chief Executive Officer
Winfried Colberg - Chief Finance & Controlling
Gabriel Kords - Chief Product Officer Media
Henning Maus – Leiter Informationstechnik
Jürgen Mladek - Chief Editor
Bernd Rademann - Chief Delivery Logistics
Jörg Skorupski - Chief Central Sales
Marica Verjaal - Chief Operating Officer