Nordkurier Mediengruppe

The Executive Board

The Nordkurier Mediengruppe is part of the SV Gruppe, whose management represents, directs and coordinates the key structural areas of the company. The holding company is led by Lutz Schumacher as CEO.

Lutz Schumacher is together with Holger Timm also Managing Director of the Nordkurier Mediengruppe.

The Executive Board also includes:

Joachim Millich

Head of Finances

Prof. Dr. Tobias Krohn

Head of Corporate Development

Jérôme Lavrut

Head of Markets

Henning Maus

Head of IT

Peter Bender

Head of Human Resources

The management also includes:

Gabriel Kords


Bernd Rademann

Head of Logistics

Marica Verjaal

Head of Media Production

Manuela Lüdke

Head of Customer Management

Rainer Zimmer

Head of Printing Plant

André Michalk

Head of Regional Sales