For all those who are from our region but have moved away in recent years, the free weekly "Heimweh" newsletter has been published by Nordkurier for a year now. In the meantime, each issue reaches more than 5,400 people who have subscribed to it.

And now there are two good reasons to celebrate: Firstly, the 50th anniversary issue of the "Heimweh" newsletter and secondly, the award of the same with the "European Newspaper Award" in the category "Crossmedia Projects". This is a great award for a great project and an occasion to thank the many subscribers and, of course, many Nordkurier colleagues from numerous different departments who have put in a real team effort for the "Heimweh" newsletter over the past year. Mention should also be made of a one-time financial support from the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern State Marketing Department from EU funds for the project.

Also for 2022 we are looking forward to many readers telling us their stories for the newsletter. More about the newsletter anniversary here..