28. May 2021

The master craftsman at the newspaper rotation machine

His name stands for a good job in a great team that has been awarded for outstanding print quality by the World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers for many years: Mirko Adler. He started in 1987 with his apprenticeship at the Nordkurier printing plant in Neubrandenburg. The master craftsman now heads the "newspaper press" and is thus responsible for the heart of the printing plant, which processes the huge empty paper rolls into a ready-to-read newspaper in a matter of seconds. The fact that Mirko Adler and his colleagues do an excellent job is proven by the many awards the Nordkurier printing plant has received - including the "Star Member" in the IFRA Color Quality Club.

Since 1998, an average of 175 newspaper titles worldwide have applied for this membership. During a three-month evaluation period, a series of special control elements are printed in daily production and then colourimetrically measured or visually evaluated by WAN-IFRA. The evaluation is carried out by a jury of experts.