8. April 2021

A new series about prosperity and poverty in Germany

"Poor, rich Germany": A new Nordkurier-series written by Carsten Korfmacher which deals with the topic of prosperity and poverty in Germany and especially in the northeast. His conclusion: "If you look at the numbers, you can only come to one conclusion: The promise of prosperity and freedom for all applies to fewer and fewer people in the republic."

The journalist, who has already won a number of prestigious awards, has already covered a number of topics in depth in different Nordkurier series. Most recently, the Corona pandemic. This also gave rise to his new book, which has just been published by Nordkurier's book publishing house mecklenbook.de : "Die Corona-Akten: Wie das Virus den Nordosten infizierte" (The Corona-files: How the Virus infected the northeast).