No new product without user research, for example through surveys and interviews: This also applies to the Nordkurier. Alexander Drößler, who as manager for digital transformation looks after the development of digital journalism products at the Nordkurier Mediengruppe and who has spent the past 15 months training at New York's Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism, knows how crucial this is for success.

Bewfore developing new products, he asks two questions: How do we make sure we are doing the right thing? And how do we make sure we are getting it right afterwards? "On the one hand, the results of the research help us to improve our existing offers. On the other hand, they give impulses to develop new products that relate to very specific needs of readers and users," says Alexander Drößler. The new Heimweh-Newsletter is an example for that. It was developed within the framework of a workshop and subsequent user research and is now an integral part of the digital Nordkurier portfolio. Further topics are currently in preparation.