3. May 2021

The "Hero from the Oder" at the Nordkurier headquarters

A special visit to the Nordkurier headquarters in Neubrandenburg: General (ret.) Hans-Peter von Kirchbach and brigade commander Colonel Christian Nawrat came today for an interview with Neubrandenburg chief reporter Mirko Hertrich and reporter Frank Wilhelm. The occasion is the 30th anniversary of Panzergrenadier Brigade 41. Von Kirchbach is virtually the founder of the brigade. On October 4, 1990, he went on duty in Eggesin to found the Heimatschutzbrigade 41 "Vorpommern", later Panzergrenadierbrigade 41, from the remnants of the 9th Panzer Division of the NVA.

Von Kirchbach became known throughout Germany in1997 as the "Hero of the Oder" when he led the deployment of 30,000 soldiers during the Oder flood. The anniversary celebration had to be postponed due to the Corona crisis. It will now take place in the fall, if the pandemic permit it.

The interview with von Kirchbach and Nawrat can be read in the Nordkurier in the next few days.