5. May 2021

Deutscher Hörfilmpreis (German Hearing Film Award): Vote and win!

And here's some info for all film enthusiasts: Voting for the Audience Award at the German Hearing Film Awards has begun. And once again, productions from the Eurotape-Studio of the Nordkurier Mediengruppe are among the nominees, namely "The King of Montblanc" and "Lisbon Story".

"The King of Mont Blanc" from 1934 is about the historical figure of Jacques Balmat, who fought his way through snow and ice and was the first to climb Mont Blanc. The audio description for such an old film presented a special linguistic challenge, as Eurotape head Mathias Jentzen reported. The Lisbon Story, is a quietly flowing story and above all a tribute to film sound.

Here cineasts can cast their vote for one of the nominated audio films - and win one of three Amazon Echo speakers.