27. April 2021

Fulfillment center turned into a filming location

It was like being in a movie: in the Berlin logistics center of the Nordkurier Mediengruppe, actors, cameramen, technical crew and other members of the film business came together. Scenes for the 3rd season of the series "Die Heiland - wir sind Anwalt", which will be broadcast in prime time in November, were shot there - in compliance with all the necessary hygiene measures. Leading actress Christina Athenstädt mimes the blind lawyer Romy Heiland, who brings every case, no matter how complicated, to a successful conclusion. By the way, Good-Stock's huge warehouse served as a "shell" for the construction of an imaginary mail sorting station, where the employees' lockers are to be searched due to a special incident. More about Good-Stock and its real purpose in the Blog.