In GDR times, the Nordkurier editorial office Demmin/Altentreptow would probably have been called a youth brigade. After the Demmin local newsroom had to cope with two painful deaths of experienced and popular colleagues in quick succession a few years ago, as well as the retirement of a colleague, a comparatively young team has been getting its act together here for a few months. Without doing the math, it is probably the youngest local newsroom of the Nordkurier: chief reporter Karsten Riemer is just over 30 and Tobias Holtz just 30 years old, Christine Gerhard is even a little younger.

In addition, there are two "old hands" who "plough" the Jarmen area: Ulrike Rosenstädt and Stefan Hoeft. "In the end, it is teamwork and the balanced mixture of "old" journalistic skills and "young" ideas that make a day a success," says chief reporter Karsten Riemer.