3. May 2021

New Nordkurier reader campaign

They are among the most successful publications in the Nordkurier book publishing house "mecklenbook" - the books from the series "1945 - Between War and Peace". And the stream of those who want to keep the memories of the difficult times alive does not stop. Now a 6th volume is to follow, in which Wally Draeger also tells her story, which can be read today in the printed Nordkurier. It is the true story of the "horror in Königsberg", which she survived mainly thanks to her mother. Experiences from a time when old rags used as diapers were still the smallest problem.

Nordkurier reporter Frank Wilhelm is the keeper of these valuable memories and contact person for all those who also want to contribute to the new volume. He is also collecting material for a special volume on Neubrandenburg. The books published so far are available individually or in a pack of five for the special price of 60 euros at bookstores or from mecklenbook.de.