10. May 2021

Carsten Korfmacher (Nordkurier) awarded with DDC Special Award 2021

Congratulations to Carsten Korfmacher: The Nordkurier reporter has been honoured with the special prize of this year's DDV Award for Business Journalists. The 42-year-old received the award for his series "The World after Corona", which appeared in several episodes in the Nordkurier in 2020. Lars Brandau, Managing Director of the association Deutscher Derivate Verband (DDV), said at the award ceremony in Berlin that the series was exciting to read and "very sophisticated". Especially for a regional newspaper like the Nordkurier, it is unusual to present such a complex topic in such detail.

Korfmacher, who has already been honoured with several journalism awards, has written several series for the Nordkurier in the last years, among others on Afghanistan and currently on the topic of prosperity and poverty in Germany. His Corona series formed the basis for his book "Die Corona Akten" (The Corona Files), which was published by Nordkurier's book publishing house "Mecklenbook" at the beginning of the year. here you may order the book. You can find more information in the interview.