11. June 2021

A "superstar" you can touch

„Ich sag nur eine Nacht und einen Tag mit Dir – ja, wie schön wär‘ das…..?“ Some may remember Ramon Roselly's winning song in last year's "DSDS" finale, which made him a "superstar" overnight. His participation in DSDS was more of a game to him, he revealed to us this week during a "guest appearance" at the Nordkurier Media Group's Berlin fulfillment center. After all, you have nothing to lose. By the way, he still has his "Recall" slip from back then.

The likeable and down-to-earth singer took advantage of his flying visit to the large warehouse to sign his new (second) album, including dedication, and to be shown where his recordings are deposited before they go on the road to the fans. More at www.good-stock.de.